Azimuth Executive Team Effectiveness

The success of an organization depends greatly on the synergy within its leadership team. Facing and overcoming resistance to change, giving teams the tools they need to break down work silos once and for all and solving problems that have been holding a business back. These are just some of the challenges we help our clients confront. Our custom-developed programs all have one thing in common: they’ll get you measurable dollars-and-cents results now and in the months and years to come.

In more than 20 years serving our clients, we have developed a unique method to enable management teams to achieve optimal efficiency. Whether you are hosting your strategic planning or other executive retreat session, we’ve got you covered. Working with executive teams requires special expertise that we have. We are your partner of choice for all stages of your project.   

"I have had the privilege of partnering with Michel St. Martin on multiple occasions. Michel has proven to be an exceptional facilitator and has delivered excellent results every time. Michel has an uncanny ability to relate and connect with leaders at all levels of an organization. His effective and practical approach creates an environment conducive for leaders to learn and grow. His focus and expertise on building leadership awareness and capacity enables an organization to lay a sustainable foundation for high achievement. I would recommend Michel to any organization looking to improve in these areas. He is a pleasure to work with."

Jay Henry
Director, Human Resources, Alamos Gold