Azimuth Communication​

Get your message across and the results you’re after! That’s what we bring you with our multifaceted communication workshop. We all have our own personality and we all bring something different to the table when it comes to expressing ourselves and interpreting what other people have to say. This program is designed to help participants appreciate these differences and adapt their attitudes and behaviours accordingly to ensure every conversation is a win-win.
Our “weapon of choice” in this regard is Insights Discovery, a system that sheds invaluable light on the communication process – both what it is and what it should be. During the course of the workshop, participants come to realize and respect the differences in the way they and others communicate. They also learn solutions for delivering a clearer, more compelling and more convincing message.


"It’s incredible how I see everything clicking together now. It’s like picking up a new language. A few days after the workshop, I applied what I had learned to a disagreement I was having with a co-worker. Lo and behold, we settled things in no time. The outcome was good for both for us and good for the firm. By far the best workshop I’ve ever attended!"

Jean-François P.
Partner, CPA-CA