A manager who knows just enough to think they’re doing the right thing, but not enough to realize where they’re going wrong is a threat to any business. With the Azimuth-333 system, we work directly with your front-line managers to help them gauge the difference between the two and to produce immediate, enduring and measurable results.

These men and women who have cut their teeth with your company and gradually worked their way up, now want do to well in their management role. They put all their heart into it, but if their efforts aren’t backed by a strong, proven methodology, they’re bound to make – and repeat – mistakes that could cost you money, customers, employees… and sleep!

"I’ve used the Azimuth-333 system to introduce several new initiatives, which have enabled the unit I’m in charge of to improve productivity and generate additional profits to the tune of $25,000 per month."

Patrick B.
Supervisor, Production and Maintenance